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What is RentalPad?

It's an awesome rental management software!

RentalPad is an online rental management software. Combined with our back office utility, (OfficePad), it offers a wide range of tools that allow for complete customization of not only your website but also of your day-to-day operations. Whether you choose from one of our award winning template designs or decide to integrate RentalPad into your existing website, you are buying into a powerful online software that will automate your business online & at the office!

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How is it different?

It's the easiest rental management software in the world!

RentalPad has one goal: to help rental companies get their complex task of getting products to the clients much more streamlined. This is the reason RentalPad was created and the reason it leaves its competition in the dust. The Development and Design team is constantly creating awesome features for you to enjoy... but all we can leak at the moment is that they are using the power of the web to give you the tools you didn’t even know you needed! So why don’t you try us?

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